Why you should visit your local bicycle shop

A bicycle shop in Delhi will no longer be required to display the word “bike” on the shop’s signage, after the city government approved a ban on advertising in the national capital.

The ruling on Wednesday (Jan 27) came two months after the government banned advertisements on mobile phones in the city.

The ban is aimed at curbing the proliferation of apps and other marketing methods that promote bike shops and other similar enterprises.

It also aims to curb the growing number of bicycle shops and related businesses in Delhi.

The move comes in response to complaints by consumers about the proliferation in the capital of bike shops, which are also seen as an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar shops.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Wednesday passed a ruling against the ban, saying that the display of the word bicycle on signs is against the rules.

However, it did not specify how the government would enforce the ban.

“This decision is not binding on the state government.

It is a temporary ban and a non-binding one,” said Shilpa Vora, a senior advocate at the NGT.

She added that the government will continue to issue notices on bicycles and related establishments in Delhi till the NMT has taken a final decision on the issue.

In December, the government passed a similar ban on bicycle advertising in Delhi, which had led to protests and a shutdown of some major intersections.

The NGT order said the ban will not affect the functioning of the government-run bike share scheme, which provides free bikes to the citizens of Delhi and the neighbouring states.

“The ban on advertisements in the name of bicycles is a measure against the proliferation and the growth of bicycle shop and related enterprises,” the NTT said.

It said that since the introduction of the National Bicycle Scheme, more than 5,000 bicycle shops have opened in the Capital.

“The National Bicycle Shop Scheme is an effective measure in curbing this proliferation and growth,” the order said.