Faux-taco store in Melbourne sells fake sunglasses

A Melbourne street vendor is selling fake sunglasses and face masks to unsuspecting shoppers.

The ‘star shopping’ lights at the Star Shopping store in Yarraville are set to dim, but the fake ones will remain on for an hour.

The store, owned by The Face Shop, sells the ‘stars’ as sunglasses, and sells them for about $5.50.

But customers who walk in expecting to buy a pair of fake sunglasses or face masks, or even just some novelty sunglasses or a pair to wear while shopping, are greeted by the ‘fake sunglasses’ and are then told they are fake.

“They are fake, but they’re not,” said store owner Mike Molloy.

“We try to make sure that people are aware that they are not real.”

It’s quite a bit of effort to make the fake stuff, so we try to do it in a discreet way.

“He said the store had received an email about fake sunglasses being sold at the store.”

People are getting a bit paranoid about it, but it’s something we do to make people feel safer,” he said.

The company sells a wide variety of products including fake sunglasses, face masks and eye drops.

Molloy said the company also sells a range of other items to help customers keep their eyes healthy and avoid eye problems like macular degeneration and macular inflammation.

He said he was concerned that the fake sunglasses were being sold in Melbourne’s inner-city areas and other suburbs, and he would be looking to address the problem.”

If they get out of hand, we will be contacting the authorities,” he told the ABC.