‘I never would have guessed it’: A ‘sickening’ incident at a Mumbai butcher shop, where three people were killed in a car accident

In a car crash in the heart of Mumbai on Monday, a group of people were driving on a busy road, when a van struck a truck on the highway, killing all three people inside.

The incident took place at a butcher shop in Pune’s Ghatkopar area, where a crowd of around 40 people gathered for a lunch break.

A few minutes later, the crowd was suddenly surrounded by a mob of around 150, who attacked the group of about five.

In the aftermath of the attack, police rushed to the scene.

Police spokesperson Rakesh Kumar said that the victim, the driver of the van, and the two passengers of the vehicle, were all killed.

Police said that all three were killed instantly.

The motive behind the incident remains unknown.

“The accused vehicle was a Volvo sedan with a four-wheel drive.

A police constable was riding in the front passenger seat when he was struck by a large vehicle that was travelling in the opposite direction,” said Kumar.

According to the police, they are investigating the incident as a murder-suicide.

The driver of a van, who was travelling at the time, was arrested and is being questioned.

However, the van is yet to be recovered.

According to police, the accused car was a Vauxhall Astra, with the registration number VX2-2-3-2.

It was registered at a local shop in the vicinity of Ghatktopar.

“At about 12.45 pm, the group stopped at a small shop on the corner of Rangamma and Dharwad streets, where they were waiting for the delivery of meat.

The victim’s friend, who had gone to the shop earlier, informed the group that a group from another locality was waiting at the corner and was going to eat meat there,” said a police official.

“Soon, the victim’s friends came out and told them to get out.

The accused, who stopped the vehicle and started chasing them, opened fire indiscriminately,” said the official.

At least one of the victims died on the spot, while the other two were rushed to a nearby hospital.

The police said that there was a heavy police presence at the spot.

Police have also been searching for the vehicle. 

The driver of that van, a 22-year-old man from the nearby locality of Srinagar, was remanded in police custody.

He has been produced before a magistrate in connection with the incident. 

Meanwhile, the police are investigating how a group who had been waiting for a delivery in a nearby locality got so close to the victim and started firing indiscriminately. 

Police spokesperson Kumar said, “We have registered a case of murder-suspect for the murder of the victim in the van.

The deceased has been identified as Anand Pandya, a resident of Pune.

He is the owner of a small vegetable stall in the area, and was also the driver for the van that struck the victim.” 

“It is a heinous crime and it is unfortunate that it happened in such a sensitive area.

We have registered cases against the accused for murder.

We are trying to track down the van and the vehicle involved in the incident,” he added. 

“The motive behind this incident is still not known,” said an official.

The victim, Pandya’s friend and the driver, are all members of a Dalit community in Pimpri-Chinchwad, the heartland of Maharashtra’s Dalit population.