What to know about the US election’s biggest stories and takeaways

Trump’s latest moves have thrown the nation’s political world into turmoil, but at the center of the controversy is the US Chamber of Commerce.

In an op-ed published in The Hill, the chamber’s president and CEO, Jim Lobb, announced that the chamber is pulling out of the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination for vice president.

Lobb called the announcement a victory for the “free enterprise system” and said the chamber “strongly supports President-elect Donald Trump’s commitment to restoring fairness and opportunity to the American people.”

The decision was made after the chamber reviewed the choices of candidates and determined that “all qualified candidates are best positioned to serve,” the president and chief executive wrote in the op-a-lot, which is published Tuesday.

The chamber said it will instead endorse the next Democratic vice president in 2020, the candidate who is most likely to fulfill its mission of promoting the prosperity of American families.

The decision comes after the Senate Democratic Caucus had previously expressed reservations about the chamber backing a Democrat for vice presidency in 2020.