How to fix a fender custom bike

A fender repair shop owner in NSW is using a bicycle to fix up a custom bike that was stolen from a car in December.

Key points:The bike was stolen in the early hours of December 9th in Kingsford-Smiths Creek, NSWThe bike had been sitting in the garage for six monthsThe owner has now put together a DIY repair plan for the bikeThe owner was out of town when the bike was takenThe owner says he can fix the bike himself if he wants, but it’s a bit of a riskIf you have a bike that has been stolen and needs a fenders repair, there’s a good chance you can find a bike shop in NSW to help.

In January, a bicycle thief took the bike in the morning from the garage of a car parked in Kingsfisher Bay.

It was stolen on December 9.

The bike, which was in excellent condition, had been parked in the street for a few months.

After police discovered it was missing, the owner put together his own repair plan.

“I’ve got my bike, it’s in a nice condition, but the fender has to be fixed,” he said.

“So it’s just a bit risky.”

The owner used the bike as a makeshift garage for a while before he returned to find it had been stolen.

“It was a bike I’ve been working on for a couple of years, so I’ve got a good knowledge of the bike,” he explained.

“And so I had my mechanic come and fix it.”

The bike will be back on the road once the fenders are fixed, and it will be a bit easier to restore the bike if the owner can’t get a new one.

“The bike itself is pretty good, but I have to be careful because it could go out of commission,” he added.

“If the bike is damaged, I’m not sure how long I can have it.”