What to know about the Rock Shop and Chop Shop: Rock Shop, Chop Shop

A couple of weeks ago, Recode posted a story about Rock Shop.

Now, we’re publishing a follow-up story to get the full scoop on the Rock shop and the Chop Shop.

First, let’s get the context: Rock and Chop shop is one of the first online retail companies to launch.

It’s also one of its largest.

The company was founded in 2013 by Adam Savage, who used to work at Etsy.

Savage and his partner Mark Wahlberg have since worked for Amazon, Pinterest, eBay, and even the now-defunct Snap.

In January 2018, the duo went public, and the Rock and the Pops brand is now owned by the company.

(We will continue to follow the business.)

The Rock Shop sells $50 of “magnets” and $100 of “guns” in a variety of sizes and calibers.

The store has a $3 million valuation and is still owned by Savage.

The Chop Shop sells only “bongs, pipes, and other high-end accessories.”

Savage has not spoken publicly about the company’s future.

However, in a blog post in March 2018, he wrote that “our plan is to continue to grow and to provide an amazing experience to our customers.”

According to the RockShop blog, it was announced on May 23, 2018 that it would close, effective May 31.

“This is an amazing moment for the Rock &Pops brand,” Savage wrote.

“We will be closing our doors at the end of May.”

In the same blog post, Savage said that he would continue to work on the company and “stay in touch with the team as we look to grow further.”

In March 2018 Savage wrote, “I have no intentions of shutting the Rock&Stops doors anytime soon.”

It seems that Savage and Wahlburg are looking to get out of the business.

In a blog in July 2018, Wahlbuch wrote that the company was going to “reopen” and that it was a “great day for the company.”

According “an insider close to the situation,” Savage said, “We want to stay open.

We are going to do great things.

But it’s going to be the best thing that ever happened to Rock <P&amp:Pops.”

“I’ll keep you updated,” he wrote.

Savage also told Recode that the “next three years will be my biggest, most fun years yet,” adding, “In 3 years, we are going from doing well to doing really well.”

Savage did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

In the wake of the Rock Store’s closure, Wausberg told Recoode, “The company is moving on.

It was a huge mistake.

We can’t do it.”

A representative for Savage said in an email to Recode, “[We] will continue with the Rock store, and will be adding additional products, like the Chop shop, to the lineup.”

But Wausber added, “If we are closing the Rock, I will still be here.

The business is moving forward.”