Amazon and Walmart set to open new bike and online stores

Amazon and Wal-Mart are set to launch two new online shops in partnership.

The companies are launching online bike and grocery stores in Canada and the U.S. in the coming months.

The new stores will include a selection of bikes and bicycles, as well as accessories.

Walmart and Amazon are not opening stores directly in the U to compete with other online retailers.

The bikes will be available to be picked up and dropped off in the states.

In Canada, Amazon and Canada Post will be the retailers. Read More In a press release, Walmart said the two new stores are in partnership with bicycle and bike shop Erick’s Bike and a local bicycle repair store.

The store is located in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough and will have a selection on bikes ranging from the new bike range to the classic Schwinn.

Walmart will offer a range of bikes in addition to its bike repair, repair parts, apparel and accessories.

Walmart said the stores will offer delivery service for both bikes and groceries, as a way to help customers save money on delivery costs. 

“With a focus on quality and service, we have designed a complete bike and bike accessories collection, including bicycle components, bike accessories and more,” Walmart said in the press release.

Read more The launch comes as the companies are increasingly looking to expand their online presence. “

The store will offer new and used bikes, bicycle accessories and other products to help our customers enjoy their bicycles and bikes,” the statement continued.

Read more The launch comes as the companies are increasingly looking to expand their online presence.

In November, Walmart announced that it would open its first online store in Canada, as part of a partnership with online retailer B.J. Penney.

This will be Walmart’s second major new Canadian store since the two companies announced in April that they would be working together.

The two companies already have stores in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Walmart is also building a bike-sharing service in Toronto, which will be launched in 2019.