The new Bunnings store in Melbourne is full of quirky ‘art house’ touches

Posted March 30, 2018 07:11:25Bunnings, a leading Australian furniture and fashion retailer, is opening its new retail store in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

It is the second store to open in the city since Bunnons parent company, Bunnocks International Holdings, announced it would be relocating its Melbourne headquarters.

Bunnons has opened more than 70 stores in Melbourne since opening in 2007.

Bunnocks’ Melbourne store is set to open to the public on Wednesday morning.

Its first store opened in 2010, when the company had just four employees.

It opened its first Melbourne store in 2011.

The store will include a cafe, a bookshop, a movie theatre, a gallery and a coffee shop.

It also has a food court and a children’s play area.

Its a new Bitti.

Bitti will feature Bunnies art department, which has been a favourite among young Bunnys customers since opening its first store in 2009.

“It has been very successful for us,” Ms Williams said.

“[The Bittis] are just so much fun and so much different from any other store in Victoria.

We’re trying to capture that feeling.”

Bunnies creative director, Lisa Williams, says it is a “big step” for the brand.

“We know the community loves it.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s a big step,” she said.”

There’s a lot of fun that goes on behind the scenes and we just want to have fun, too.”

Bittis are known for their quirky design and their high quality.

They also offer an alternative to the traditional Australian fashion industry.

Ms Williams said the store would be a “classic Bunnins”.

“We’re taking a very traditional Australian style and making it a bit more contemporary and a bit bolder,” she explained.

She said the Bittises store would feature “a coffee shop, cafe, bookshop” as well as a childrens play area and “some classic furniture”.

The Bunnis store has a cafe menu and is being billed as a “fancy place to sit and relax”.

Bunnys co-owner, Scott Williams, said the stores aim to “change the world for the better”.

Bunnyville store opens to public on March 30, but there are no plans for a launch date for the store’s cafe.

A Bunnes spokesperson said they were in talks with local retailers about opening their Bitts in the CBD.

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