Which is your favorite online fashion retailer?

If you want to find your perfect summer dress, here are some online retailers you can trust:Juniper print shops, ebay.com and juniper.com, are among the largest online retailers of clothes, shoes and accessories, according to a recent survey.

Juniper, founded in 2008, is one of the world’s largest printing companies, according the Associated Press.

Junos’ online store, Junos.com is popular with fashionistas looking for affordable prints and other apparel.

Fat Quarter, a discount fashion retailer, is also popular with shoppers looking for inexpensive clothing, shoes, jewelry and other products.

Sephora.com , which is owned by Sephora, has been the go-to online fashion shop for many years, said Jessica Jorgensen, the founder of Jorgenson & Associates, a retail consulting firm.

Sephors online store is popular among women, who like the variety of styles available, she said.

“The brands have a really wide selection of clothes and shoes that they sell, so you can go anywhere and find something you like,” Jorgens said.

“It’s definitely a good fit for the type of consumer that we are.”

For women, online fashion is an important way to find the clothes they want.

“There are more choices out there, more products available,” Jurgens said, noting that online shoppers tend to have more disposable income than those who shop at brick-and-mortar retailers.

Sephardic-Jewish Sephardic women like to shop for quality products at Sephort.com.

Jorgen said she likes Sephorts selection of items from Israel and Israel-based brands.

Sephardics are one of many ethnic groups in the United States with a strong tradition of religious clothing and jewelry, including the Jewish Sephardim, who live in Israel and the Orthodox Sephardi who live on the West Bank.

“Sephardics have a lot of traditional clothing and jewellery, but they also have a variety of more modern pieces, and they can really customize it to their own needs,” Jengen said.