What to do if you see a boat in your neighbourhood

It’s a boat.It’s in the water.And you can probably tell from the look of the vessel that someone wants to take it.But it’s also not exactly clear if you’re supposed to jump in and help.“It’s a small vessel,” said Tom Hockley, owner of the boating store Potbelly Sandwich Shop on […]

New Jersey’s rainbow shop has a new name

The rainbow shop on East Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey, has been named after the city’s namesake, and has recently added another name to the rainbow collection.The rainbow shop, which is owned by Nye Brothers, has a colorful decor, including a sign that reads, “Rarity, love, and friendship.”Nye Brothers has […]

Which games should I buy at a shopping center?

Shop centers and game stores often offer a wide variety of products to shoppers.But which games are right for you? Some stores offer an assortment of popular games, while others offer unique items and accessories that appeal to gamers who prefer more classic games. Here’s a look at the best games at […]

Which companies have the most smoke shops in Australia?

The Australian Smoke Shop Association says the trend towards smoke shops has been “an encouraging sign” in a country where a third of people are smokers and where smoking is widely perceived as an acceptable way to get high.“The number of smoke shops is growing in the nation,” association chairman […]

Apple buys muffler shop for $1.8 billion

Apple is buying muffler maker Muffler & Co. for $8 billion.Muffler, founded in 1998, manufactures products for the bike industry, including mufflers, wheels, brakes and saddlebags.Mufflers are used in some of the world’s top bike brands, including Bontrager, Giant, Shimano and Cannondale.Mifflaren was founded by two former Apple employees who […]

How to save money at the mall

What do you do when you’re trying to shop online but don’t want to get your hands dirty?It’s not easy.If you have a computer and can access the internet and don’t have a clue how to use it, the easiest way is to rent a laptop or tablet.However, if you […]

How to buy a beach towel online: Pros and cons

Buyers of beach towels, including those for kids, often get confused by the many online options for buying them, and they often go into a frenzy, purchasing dozens at a time.But if you can manage to find a reputable retailer that is not a pawn shop, the following tips will […]

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