Why are you so worried about auto glass?

FourFourtwo readers comments 3 This article was written by: FourFour2 Read moreThe car was not damaged, but it was damaged enough that the company had to recall it for an estimated $300,000.The car had been sold by a private seller and it was registered to a family member, but when […]

How to get an SSL certificate for your site

By now you’ve probably noticed that the word ‘ssl’ has come to mean something quite different to what it used to.It’s not as if you’ve never used the term before, it just has a slightly different meaning to what we all know now.If you’ve ever been browsing through the Google […]

How to find sex shops near you

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a few different coffee shops in a coffee shop near my house.The coffee shop owner asked if I was looking for a sex shop.I said no.“Why not?” he asked.“I know that some of you might be thinking that there’s no need for a […]

How to buy a gun at a gun shop

You don’t have to go to a gun store to buy an AR-15 rifle, and you won’t have much trouble finding one at your local gun shop.But if you want to take advantage of the gun buying frenzy, here are a few tips to get you started.1.Know your state’s laws […]

WWE star Dolph Ziggler to join WWE Shop

WWE star/former WWE SmackDown tag team champion Dolph “The Game” Ziggling is joining the company’s Shop WWE store.Ziggling, who has wrestled for WWE since 2008, will be the first of the company to make the jump to the Shop WWE, which will be in its second year of operation.“This will […]

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